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Main Attractions

There are many things to do in and around the Shire. Enjoy wooded solitude on the private trails or hike in the Solana State Forest, meditate while walking the Labyrinth, spend time around a campfire, read or relax in front of the cabin fireplace, and more!

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The Shire in the Woods offers many winter and summer vacation activities for everyone to enjoy.

  • Enjoy wooded solitude on the private trails

  • Hike in the Solana State Forest

  • Meditate while walking the Labyrinth

  • Spend time around a campfire

  • Read or relax in front of a fireplace

  • Play catch with Frisbees or partake in other games on one of our many groomed lawns

  • Star gaze or moon watch

  • Use the telescope in the gazebo

  • Interact with the horses

  • Cross country ski or snowshoe on our private or surrounding trails

  • Yoga in the Octagon

  • Rock/agate hunt or swim in the nearby spring fed Quarry Pool

  • Ride bikes in the woods or other trails

  • Horseback ride on the Soo Line trail or Solana State Forest Trails with your horses

  • Malmo Memorial Park and Mille Lacs Lake Malmo Bay are just 20 minutes due west of the Shire

  • Snowmobile or go ATVing on the Soo Line Trail or the Solana State Forest Trail

  • Spend time in the Pliny Wildlife Area or Ruffed Gross and Woodcock Habitat Area

  • Plan your next birding or photography adventure

  • Enjoy the sounds of nature as the many frogs, owls, wolves, and birds vocalize and sing their songs

  • The Shire has plenty of indoor and outdoor games to entertain everyone for hours!


The Shire Trails

We have several miles of marked and groomed trials around the Shire. You can see the basic trails on the Shire map. There are also many miles of Solana State Forest Trails that can be either reached from the Shire Village Trail or two nearby access points on 220th street (Highway 41 or 2). There is also the Soo Line Trail and its offshoots which go for many miles in either direction.

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The Gift Shop

The Shire Gift Shop is located in the Main Building office. Once there you will find handmade walking sticks, lamps, wishing wells, goat milk soap, games, hand warmers, and candles that are made by local artisans. You can also find jewelry, knick knacks, and Shire t-shirts and sweatshirts for sale.

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Enjoy our new yoga experience!

Our new yoga class will be available in the near future. In the meantime, you may view our gallery of Yoga pictures!

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The Animals of the Shire

A true Shire would not be complete without the addition of its horses and other assorted animals. It's the perfect spot to spend time with one of the most majestic creatures to ever walk the planet!

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Indoor/Outdoor Games

The Shire has plenty of indoor and outdoor games to entertain everyone for hours!

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Nearby Attractions


The Swimming Hole

We are close to many great lakes such as Lake Mille Lacs, Moose Lake, and Sturgeon Lake, but it is nice to have a nearby swimming hole to cool off in the summer!

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The Soo Line, Snowmobile, and ATV Trails

The Soo Line South Trail which is a 126 mile long trail that starts at the Saunders Junction in Superior, Wisconsin and ends in Royalton, Minnesota. This scenic route includes a mix of woods, farmland, and trestle crossings on the Kettle River and Birch Creek and includes the Northern Pine Riders ATV Trail.

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Malmo Memorial Park

Malmo Memorial Park and Mille Lacs Lake Malmo Bay are just 20 minutes due west of the Shire. It is a beautiful spot for a picnic, launch your boat, or see a glorious sunset!

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Local State Forests and Parks

We are located in 'Middle Minnesota' where the woods are abundant! The Shire is surrounded by the Solana State Forest and Banning State Park is not far away. Hike along the beautiful trails of these great landmarks.

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There are many opportunities for relaxation in and around the Shire. One of the greatest past times is golf! Find a nearby golf course by clicking the map above.


Tired of cooking? Craving something in particular? Head out and find a delicious meal at a nearby eatery. Find a nearby restaurant by clicking the map above. We have also prepared a list of more restaurants and places to eat which can be found in each cabin or in the office.