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Reservation Policy

  • A 35% deposit is required for large groups, large retreats, weddings, and stays of 1 week or longer. All other stays require a 25% deposit. Guests must cancel their reservation at least four weeks in advance to receive the full refund of the deposit amount. When renting the entire Shire, only 50% of the initial deposit will be refunded if there is a cancellation.

  • If you reschedule the dates of your stay within 4 weeks of your scheduled stay, there will be a $50 rescheduling fee added to your stay. Contact the office for more information and possible exceptions.

  • General arrival and departure times:

    Arrival and Departure Times


    4:00pm or later


    no later than 12:00pm

  • Weekend and Holiday stays are a 2-night minimum. There may be exceptions so please contact the office.

    For reservations, questions, or special check-in and check-out times, call 320-592-0180 (OFFICE), 612-423-4562 (CELL), 612-423-4720 (CELL), email us at shireinthewoods@outlook.com, or fill out our reservation form. Text messages are welcome for CELL numbers only.

Smoking Policy

  • No smoking in any of the buildings. Smoking is allowed in designated areas only.

Pet Policy

Pets are welcome at the Shire, but it is the pet owner’s responsibility to ensure that the cleanliness and integrity of the cabins remains the same. It is also the responsibility of the pet owner to be aware of the health, safety, and comfort of our other guests. Please notify us in advance if you will be bringing a pet to the Shire. All of our lodging cabins are pet-friendly, except the Octagon.

  • The pet fee is $15.00 per day per pet plus tax for up to two (2) dogs. The pet fee allows a maximum of two (2) dogs in your cabin, only. Pets are allowed in other cabins, if and only if, the guest(s) of that cabin paid the pet fee.

  • Please bring your own pet beds and throw blankets to cover the cabin carpet and furniture, and have your pet stay on the covers as much as possible. Do not use the cabin blankets, towels, etc. to cover the carpet and furniture. We can provide extra blankets for your pet, if needed. Pets are not allowed on unprotected beds or furniture.

  • During wet or muddy days, we would prefer that you keep your pet in a kennel, on a large blanket, out on the porch, or on the tiled areas of the cabin. Pets should be cleaned and dried off when wet or dirty prior to letting them into the cabin. Please do not use the cabin blankets, towels, etc. to clean your pet. We can provide extra cleaning towels for your pet, if needed.

  • Pets may be left unattended inside the cabins if kept in a kennel, but they may not be left unattended outside at any time. If barking becomes a problem, dogs will not allowed to be left unattended in a kennel.

  • Please watch your pet very closely, and please pick up after your pet, even if you are in the woods. We provide scoopers and disposable plastic bags for your convenience. Pet "accidents" inside the cabins should be brought to our attention and attended to immediately.

  • Pet vaccinations should be up-to-date. Pets should be free of ticks and fleas, bathed, and groomed before your visit to the Shire. We want to keep the cabins suitable for other guests with pet allergies, as well as maintain the awesome smell of the pine cabins!

  • You are financially responsible for any damage caused by your pet.

  • You can ask us for anything you may have forgotten to bring to the Shire. We may have something for you!

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